Featured Editorial
Liquid Biopsy: Market Drivers And Obstacles
By Divyaa Ravishankar, Frost & Sullivan

This article examines present and near-term opportunities for liquid biopsy, as well as what’s needed to elevate this innovative diagnostic tool to a standard of care.

Industry Insights
Considerations When Designing Injection-Molded Parts With Rapid Overmolding
Article | Protolabs, Inc.

Rapid overmolding sidesteps assembly hassles, simplifies product design, and can improve the characteristics of many injection-molded parts.

The Only Validation Approach That Gets — And Keeps — Your Molded Part In Spec
White Paper | By Bob Emmett and Luke Lorson, Carclo Technical Plastics

When subcontracting medical or optic injection-molded components, do you carefully evaluate your molder’s validation process? There is only one approach that is proven to keep your molded parts “in spec” – decoupled molding.

Building Quality And Precision Into DC Motors Is More Than A Process
White Paper | By Carolyn Mathas, Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

Too often the words quality and precision are tossed around indiscriminately. What do they actually mean describing a manufacturer’s reputation to produce and deliver products? Is it the design or manufacturing process that ensures quality? Is it having products that seldom fail? 

Flexible Substrates For Smart Sensor Applications
White Paper | By Dr. Eckardt Bihler, Dr. Marc Hauer, and Birgit Neubauer, Micro Systems Technologies

A novel approach that delivers miniaturized, hermetic, biostable, and highly reliable smart sensor modules.

Choosing A CM: Find The Best Match By Asking The Right Questions
White Paper | By Mike Fritschy, SMC Ltd.

When selecting a contract manufacturer (CM), it’s important to look carefully at organizational alignment, senior leadership engagement, program management, commitment to projects large and small, and processes in place to manage risk. 

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