OEM Spectrometers: AvaBench Optical Benches (UV/VIS)

Source: Avantes BV

The AvaBench line of optical benches offers a robust selection of designs and configuration to meet the form factor and technical specifications for each application. Now available in five configurations with 16 standard detector options, the AvaBench is configurable to meet your needs. Independent Optics & Electronics for greater flexibility and modularity. Available as enclosed instruments or OEM modules.  Our innovative ultra-low stray light (ULS) optical bench provides superior stray light rejection in a design which has superb thermal and structural stability. The new high sensitivity (HS) optical bench is designed for superior throughput but also boasts excellent thermal and structural stability. The AvaBench optical benches are available independently for integration with a customer’s own electronics or in conjunction with our AS5216 USB2 electronics.

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The optical benches AvaBench-45, AvaBench-75-ULS and AvaBench-75-ULSTEC, and the AvaBench-37.5-HS are symmetrical Czerny-Turner designs with fiber optic entrance connector (Standard SMA, others possible), collimating and focusing mirror and diffractional grating. A choice of different gratings with different dispersion and blaze angels enable applications in the 200-1100nm range.

The newly designed AvaBench-ULS has full mechanical compatibility for mounting holes with the AvaBench-75 making it easier for OEM customers to upgrade to the better ULS optical bench.

Wavelength ranges, resolution tables, detector specifications and AvaBench options can be found can be found with the information for the AvaSpec product line.

The AvaBenches to be connected to the USB2 platform electronics (AS-5216 boards) have a separate video output through a mini-coax cable.

For the main differences between the OEM spectrometers: AvaBench Optical Benches (UV/VIS) download technical data and ordering information below.

Avantes has 15 years of experience in applying spectroscopy and optical sensing technologies to enumerable environments and industries. Our partnership approach to working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is at the core of our success and philosophy as a business.

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