Newsletter | July 7, 2020

07.07.20 -- Paclitaxel-Coated Medical Device Markets | Enhanced Qualification Explained

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): An Overview Of Its Expanding Role In Pain Management

The gate theory of pain states that before reaching the brain, pain messages pass through a series of nerve “gates” in the spinal cord. This white paper discusses TENS technology, how it works, and the advantages this treatment has over alternative pain management techniques.

Beyond Making The Part: Understanding Enhanced Qualification

Working with a micro molder to develop an enhanced qualification (EQ) process for critical parts can save money and time by ensuring a smooth transition into full-volume production.

Choosing A CMO: Find The Best Match By Asking The Right Questions

When selecting a CMO, it’s important to look at organizational alignment, senior leadership engagement, program management, commitment to projects large and small, and processes in place to manage risk. 

Why Predictability Matters In High-End PCB Manufacturing

Predictability is essential for PCB manufacturing. Without it, a product’s reliability cannot be assured. Conventional approaches to predictability often fall short. Inspection, for example, only reveals superficial flaws. Micro sectioning is destructive in nature and inadequate for complex PCBs with thousands of vias. 

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