Newsletter | September 23, 2020

09.23.20 -- Partnering To Enable Delivery Of Complex Biologics In Combination Products

Addressing The Evolving Needs Of Variable Drug Delivery Regimens

Pharmaceutical companies continue to advance their clinical development pipelines to develop new and more sophisticated biologics. To be successful, a solution that enables the delivery and successful commercialization of complex biologics is required. This article describes a device designed specifically to address the rapidly evolving needs of the pharma industry and meet patient requirements.

How Shorter Needles With Thinner Walls Are Set To Improve The Injection Experience In Chronic Care

This article provides a look at how new prefillable glass-based syringes with shorter 8 mm needles and thinner wall cannula technology are set to improve the injection experience for subcutaneous drug delivery in chronic care.

Enabling Biologic Drug Delivery Of Volumes Beyond 1 mL

As the biological drug design space evolves toward formulations with larger dose volume and higher viscosity, the device industry is adapting by developing more innovative delivery systems. To accommodate these advances, delivery system manufacturers need to use methodologies and tools to manage conflicting requirements and offer delivery solutions that balance performance, robustness, and usability while delivering higher volume or viscosity biologics.

User Experience For Manual Injection Of 2 mL Viscous Solutions Is Enhanced By A New Prefillable Syringe

Although subcutaneous administration improves patient compliance and quality of life by enabling at-home injections, the associated anxiety, pain, discomfort, and frequency of injections can play a significant role in patient non-adherence with chronic subcutaneous treatments. Learn how a newly-developed pre-fillable glass syringe featuring a stacked 8 mm needle with ultra-thin wall (UTW) cannula technology can positively impact pain perception when enabling the injection of viscous solutions.

Robust By Design — Overcoming The Biologics Challenge In Drug Delivery

The ability to deliver biologics via subcutaneous injection has transformed patient management of a wide range of conditions. It offers patients greater flexibility with home injections and provided considerable savings for healthcare systems. Autoinjectors used with pre-fillable syringes offer multiple benefits, from providing an accurate dosage to the reduction of needlestick injuries as needles are protected after use.