Brochure | January 8, 2015

PCB Solutions for High-Reliability Applications

Source: Micro Systems Technologies

Dynconex is a division of MST that provides flex and flex rigidized, rigid-flex, and rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) and packaging substrates for high-reliability medical implants like pacemakers, implantable monitors, infusion pumps, and defibrillators. Their expertise also ventures over into other less-critical medical devices like hearing aids, as well as the development of substrates for medical imaging applications.  Dyconex initially got their start as a supplier in the Swiss defense industry, and as such, they have extensive experience in PCB technology for mission critical applications involving radar technology, missiles, UAVs, and more. They’ve also gained footholds in the industrial and telecommunications sectors, and have even done work with Swiss electronic watches, full-body scanners, and high-end computing systems. Download the brochure to see if their expertise in printed circuit boards can help you with your next design project.