Newsletter | June 6, 2019

06.06.19 -- Pediatric Innovation's Challenges And Promise

Featured Editorial
The Challenge And Promise Of Pediatric Device Innovation
By Matthew R. Maltese, The Pennsylvania Pediatric Medical Device Consortium, and Daniel Henrich, Archimedic

There exist far fewer pediatric devices than adult devices on the market, meaning one of the most vulnerable patient populations also is one of the most underserved. 

Industry Insights
Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Challenges: 2017 And Beyond
Article | By Dr. Frank Gindele, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

Medical device manufacturers and designers must overcome various challenges to succeed in an expanding global marketplace, challenged along the way by aspects of design, research, validation, and bringing their devices to a competitive market in a cost-effective manner.

Insights Into Drug Delivery Device Manufacturing From Development Through Commercialization
Article | By Sheleagh Dougan and Meredith Canty, SMC Ltd.

Biologics and other targeted therapy techniques are creating opportunities for innovative device solutions that meet the needs of specific patient groups. As these therapies often require low annual volumes, the associated device manufacturing strategy must also fit commercial expectations, even at those volumes. 

Innovation Is Personal: Cleveland Clinic Alliance Spurs Med Advances
Article | By Annie Cashman, Protolabs, Inc.

Last year, a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. A year later, she is cancer-free, thanks to an innovative, lifesaving procedure that wasn’t available not that long ago.

How Medical Devices Are Making Big Strides In Miniaturization
Article | By Daphne Allen, MD&DI

In this paper, Lindsay Mann, director of marketing for MTD Micro Molding, tells MD+DI that about 25 percent of the micro medical device components they produce are for miniaturized devices. This article also gives an update on miniaturization, including recent advancements in materials and manufacturing.

Volumetric Imaging Technology For Blister Packaging Seal Integrity Testing
Article | By Oliver Stauffer, PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems

Volumetric Imaging is the new technology platform to detect the integrity of pharmaceutical blister packaging non-destructively, with no specific tools or changeover required.

Manufacturing Under Pressure: Is Lean Your Solution For Cost-Savings?
Article | KMC Systems

Changes in today’s medical device market and political atmosphere are causing manufacturers to re-evaluate how they do business in order to reduce costs. Can the Lean manufacturing approach to productivity and efficiency be the solution your company needs?

Biocompatibility Of Plastics
White Paper | Zeus

Unique manufacturability and production properties in plastics are increasingly being utilized in the development of medical devices and medical packaging. This article discusses material biocompatibility, as well as the tested biocompatibility of plastics in medical devices.

Regulatory Pathways For VPA Sterilization
White Paper | REVOX Sterilization Solutions

Most countries’ regulatory bodies look to global standard organizations such as AAMI, ANSI, and ISO, which base their specific guidance on scientific, clinical, and practical expert information.

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