Company Profile | January 1, 1996

process equipment, IV tubing sets, syringes, needles, suction catheters, IV catheters, disposable safety devices

Source: Kahle USA
process equipment, IV tubing sets, syringes, needles, suction catheters, IV catheters, disposable safety devices
Today's marketing environment requires high focus to detail in order for companies to remain competitive. Corporate reputations depend on smooth operation of every manufacturing process with emphasis on safety, quality, and productivity. The absence of any of these critical components can mean loss of market share and earnings deterioration. KAHLE Engineering can provide the partnership needed to assist customers in meeting their goals in today's fast-paced industrial environments. KAHLE engineers are trained to assist customers with not only assembly processing concerns, but also material handling and total manufacturing line requirements. Kahle can provide the expertise required for the assembly processing of all types of disposable medical device products.

KAHLE'S cost-effective service and maintenance offerings are custom designed to assist you in ensuring an efficient plant operation. KAHLE protects our customer's reputations by adding the necessary expertise to supplement in-house staff capabilities. KAHLE Engineering guarantees results and provides the customer service and technical support required ensuring improvements in productivity at the factory floor level. KAHLE'S retrofit services can also provide an alternative to new equipment purchases. From design to final testing, Kahle will stand behind our offerings.

KAHLE Engineering has been serving the marketplace with custom-built machinery for more than seventy-five years. Our innovative engineering has produced over 200 patented designs and has built over 5,500 totally automated assembly and process machines with our early roots in the glass machinery business, servicing the medical device, pharmaceutical, electrical and automotive industries. KAHLE has developed with the market from glass medical devices to plastic disposable medical devices and diagnostic products. Today, our experience makes us a world class provider of assembly equipment to every major medical device company throughout the world.

KAHLE operates two modern manufacturing facilities. The 22,000 sq. foot plant in the US provides worldwide technical support, service and parts for every piece of equipment ever built by KAHLE. The 28,000 sq. foot plant in Italy features a modern R&D facility to support both KAHLE locations, as well as the manufacturing of the equipment. KAHLE has built a firm reputation on a foundation of integrity, trust, and innovative technology. KAHLE Engineering welcomes new challenges, and looks forward to becoming your production partner.