Newsletter | April 25, 2019

04.25.19 -- Protecting Implantable Medical Devices From EMI

Featured Editorial
Protecting Implantable Medical Devices From Electromagnetic Interference
By Amanda Ison, AVX Corporation

While regulations are in place to help minimize EMI, some amounts are unavoidable, and larger amounts can be generated in rare circumstances, or in the event of device malfunction. Thus, preventative measures, including EMI shielding and filtering, must be employed to protect both implantable medical devices and their host patients.

Industry Insights
Evaluate Medical Device Design Robustness By Combining Statistical And Probabilistic Tools With Finite Element Analysis
White Paper | By Atul Gupta, Patrick Koch, and Xiangyi Liu, Dassault Systemes Americas

FEA has been used to analyze the in vivo structural response of implantable medical devices and assess device performance, reliability, and durability. In this study, FEA using Abaqus is used to demonstrate how these techniques work together to evaluate the robustness of medical device designs.

Five Things You Need To Know To Obtain Quality Micromolded Parts
Article | Accumold

Micromolding requires a high level of attention to detail, making it important to understand what it takes to obtain quality micromolded parts from your supplier.

Hermetic Sealing Technology Protects Medical Electronics From Harsh Steam Sterilization
Article | By Jochen Herzberg, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

Partnering with a glass company to incorporate glass-to-metal sealing into medical instruments can boost reliability and longevity by offering superior electronics protection and providing unmatched capability to be autoclaved thousands of times. 

New Tool Measures 4 Surface Appearance Quality Conditions Simultaneously
Application Note | By Naomi Shisaike, Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

If surface appearance quality is critical to your product, learn about a new manufacturing-friendly tool that allows you to establish numerical standards for and measure four conditions of surface quality: gloss, haze, image clarity, and BRDF including Canon’s new parameter “Scattering C20, C60.” 

Cutting Production Costs Without Sacrificing Quality
Article | Carclo Technical Plastics

Medtechs that have pursued foreign markets are having success in terms of both production costs and product quality. The key is finding the right partners to assist in the venture. This article discusses examples of medical device companies who have expanded their markets worldwide.

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