Newsletter | March 17, 2020

03.17.20 -- Prototype Tooling | CDMOs + Risk Sharing

Industry Insights
Determining Performance Improvements In Quality By Design Plungers For Syringes In Autoinjector Systems
Poster | By A. Kim, L. Ho, W. Xu, K. Falcone, T. Haarlander, and P. McAndrew, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

NovaPure 1 to 3 mL plungers were developed with the Quality-by-Design (QbD) method for use in prefilled syringes. This poster presents a 1-year study examining performance with placebos of different viscosities 1, 8, 15 cps) in a laboratory configuration that replicates an autoinjector.

Emerging Trends In Wearable Technology Across Several Markets
White Paper | By Jean-Marie Buchilly, Fischer Connectors

This white paper provides an overview of trends in wearable technology and discusses emerging applications with a focus on healthcare, industry, robotics, defense, and sport. Examples discuss the impact of wearables in users’ lives and how they improve health, safety, convenience, and performance.

Prototype Tooling Can Help Avoid Product Launch Delays And Cost Overruns
Article | Xcentric Mold & Engineering

The process for launching a product with an injection-molded component has continuously developed over decades. Prototype tooling plays an important role in this process.

A Balanced Distribution Of Risk: Is Your CDMO Relationship Set Up For Success?
Article | KMC Systems

Beware of any scenario where the word “partnership” is used only to obtain a better price and/or more aggressive terms, as this is the origin of failed relationships. A true partnership should define terms that balance the risk and reward for each party.

Improving Additive Manufacturing With The Help Of Infrared
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

Additive manufacturing technologies create components directly from a computer model, adding material only where needed. This app note discusses how infrared cameras can help manufacturers find systematic problems and determine the changes needed to maintain product quality.

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