Newsletter | January 12, 2021

01.12.21 -- Risk-Based Postmarket Surveillance (PMS) In The Age Of EU MDR: The Binding Thread Of Risk Management

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Beyond Making The Part: Understanding Enhanced Qualification

Working with a micromolder to develop an enhanced qualification (EQ) process for critical parts can save money and time by ensuring a smooth transition into full-volume production.

Finding The Ideal Balance — Where Risk And Cost Of Quality Meet

It is a constant challenge to keep improving product value for customers while reducing overall costs. Part of the solution resides in the functional activities of the risk involved and the cost of quality management. This article delves further into the ideas behind finding the ideal balance of where risk and cost of quality meet.

Medical Imaging Quality Starts By Selecting The Right Components

MRI machines use a strong magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to produce cross-sectional images. Thus, the quality of the MRI depends on the uniformity of the magnetic field and the radio components inside it.

Bioresorbable Copolymer Combines Mechanical Strength With Rapid Degradation For Wound Healing And Pediatric Devices

This interview with Isabel Wahl, head of Evonik’s RESOMER development laboratory, discusses the use of a new bioresorbable copolymer that combines mechanical strength with rapid degradation for wound healing and pediatric devices.

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