Newsletter | March 4, 2021

03.04.21 -- Risk Intelligence And Risk-Based Decision-Making | 7 Rules For Properly Interpreting Control Charts

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Impact Of PFS Needle Dimensions On High-Volume, High-Viscosity Fluid Delivery

High-volume parenteral delivery systems require consideration of both functional design and human factors to enable successful, consistent, and reliable delivery to the target tissue. This study examines the influence of needle inner diameter and length on delivery time across a range of fluid viscosities using a prototype auto-injector device.

Finding The Ideal Balance – Where Risk And Cost Of Quality Meet

It is a constant challenge to keep improving product value for customers while reducing overall costs. Part of the solution resides in the functional activities of the risk involved and the cost of quality management. This article delves further into the ideas behind finding the ideal balance of where risk and cost of quality meet.

CNC Machining: Designing For Speed

Even 3D printing relies on and owes its existence to machining. This white paper talks about the continuous importance of CNC machining, how to optimize parts for machining, and things to look for in a machining partner.

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