Newsletter | November 15, 2022

11.15.22 -- RWE & Advanced Diagnostics Propel Better Patient Outcomes

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Sensible Selection And Correct Handling Of Test Weights

Correct weight values are extremely important for weighing processes in production, as well as for (quality) analysis. But how can the balance user be sure that the weight shown on the display is the same as the mass of the substance being weighed?

When Does Automated Assembly Make Sense?

To mitigate costs, time, and other factors, in order to produce a safe, effective, innovative medical device, means assembly has to be part of the concept phase to determine if full automation is the solution. 

Elements Of Design: Dealing With Suspect Parts

Injection molding has numerous key parameters that must tie together in order to make a repeatable molding process. Learn about a solution that utilizes cavity pressure curves, key process parameter tolerances, and automation to automatically reject parts that do not make the cut in the molding process.

Tech Talk: Control Valves For PCR Testing

The Lee Company’s extensive selection of miniature two-way and three-way control solenoid valves are ideal for the precise piloting of extremely small sample and reagent volumes throughout the molecular diagnostic process. Their High Density Interface (HDI®) valves are very compact in size and offer many advantages, including ultralow power consumption, minimal leakage, and low internal volume.

Pharma Manufacturers Should Get Cleaning Validation Support From Supplier

Cleaning validation is a necessary and time-consuming part of manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The validation process can be expedited and the cost reduced if the cleaner supplier can provide support.

Thin-Wall Polyester Heat Shrink Tubing In Medical Device Manufacturing

Nordson MEDICAL has developed a proprietary process to manufacture thin-wall heat shrink tubing from polyester (specifically, polyethylene terephthalate, or PET) that exhibits extraordinary tensile strength, even with walls as thin as 0.00015”.

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