Newsletter | November 10, 2020

11.10.20 -- Selecting And Implementing New Technology In Medtech

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Optical Design And Manufacturing: Challenges And Uses In Medical Applications

Injection-molded optics offer medical device and equipment manufacturers a timely, robust, and high-quality component option — but not all molders can deliver on the promise of this technology.

Dye Ingress For CCIT: A Poor Bet In A High Stakes Game

The dye ingress test method continues to be a widely used test method for container closure integrity (CCI) within the pharmaceutical industry. Even with recent research attempting to support its use, this paper explains why the dye ingress test method is not a suitable approach.

Beyond Making The Part: Understanding Enhanced Qualification

Working with a micromolder to develop an enhanced qualification (EQ) process for critical parts can save money and time by ensuring a smooth transition into full-volume production.

The Hidden Costs Of Multiple-Vendor Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to outsourcing in medical device manufacturing, companies are faced with decision to either use a selection of unrelated services providers or a single-source contract manufacturer that can handle every step of the process. 

Finding The Ideal Balance — Where Risk And Cost Of Quality Meet

It is a constant challenge to keep improving product value for customers while reducing overall costs. Part of the solution resides in the functional activities of the risk involved and the cost of quality management. This article discusses finding the ideal balance of where risk and cost of quality meet.

Drive Medical Device Manufacturing Resilience Through The Virtual Twin Experience

Check out this on-demand webinar to discover how life science manufacturers can achieve this vision to adjust for new products, ramp up production, lower commissioning, and optimize their operation with quality and consistency.

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