Newsletter | November 10, 2022

11.10.22 -- Should I Request A Q-Submission For My Medical Device?

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Meeting The Challenge Of Delivering High-Volume Biologic Therapies

As the industry moves toward self-administration to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient convenience, there is a compelling need for simple-to-use, low-cost, disposable devices.

Look, Ma! How I Solved These Implantable Device Challenges

Implantable medical devices are a fast-growing market that demands regulatory savvy and technical proficiency from component suppliers.

How To Manage Compliance In A Global Medical Device Company

We examine a use case in implementing scalable document, process, and quality management across a growing global organization with QUMAS.

Clearing The Hurdles Of Medical Device Prototyping

Material costs, functionality, and turnaround times are major obstacles in medical device prototyping. This article presents tools and techniques to overcome them and explains how the right partner can ensure medical devices are brought to market quickly.

How To Avoid The Top 8 Micro Design Mistakes

Often, micro part designers will spend hours on a new drawing, only to end up making significant revisions or compromises when they reach the manufacturing phase. This article presents recommendations to improve the manufacturability of micro designs while minimizing project costs and lead times.

Remove Headaches By Choosing The Right Medial Plastics Molder

Medtech developers are constantly looking for ways to save money without compromising a product’s performance. The industry also is under increased scrutiny in terms of quality, regulatory requirements, and environmental sustainability for not just the finished product but the entire supply chain. 

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