Solutions For On-time, Deficient-Free Delivery Of Medical Supplies, Medicines And Other Products

Source: UPS Healthcare

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For the person with diabetes in need of insulin, the heart patient awaiting a monitor or the individual expecting critical lab results, a delay of even one day isn't acceptable. Timely delivery of medical supplies or medication could mean the difference between recovery and relapse.

As general manager of Roll-A-Bout Corp., Dominick Venezia knows well the critical connection between patient outcome and commercial interest. His company, based in Frederica, Del., manufactures a four-wheel crutch substitute that provides added comfort and stability for individuals who need to be non-weight bearing below the knee.

"Because we're shipping a medical device, our customers want to know what day they're going to receive it," Venezia says. "If they're having surgery on Thursday, they don't want to receive it on Thursday – they need it on Wednesday."

At UPS's special healthcare distribution facilities, the importance of such shipments is always top of mind. In fact, a reminder hangs from the walls, printed on large banners: "It's a patient, not a package.®"