Newsletter | June 17, 2021

06.17.21 -- The Contract Manufacturer's Under The EU MDR & IVDR | FDA's Safety & Performance-based Pathway

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More Than Tracking: How RFID Protects Patients And Medtech Users

RFID technology provides life sciences applications with product and component traceability while safeguarding against human error, unsterilized tools, outdated materials, and more.

How To Address Challenges In Oncology Drug Containment

Drug product containment systems comprising Daikyo Crystal Zenith® cyclic olefin polymer (COP) vials, matched with NovaPure® stoppers, offer container closure integrity (CCI) performance that has been quantified for oxygen and carbon dioxide, and they have excellent system performance. 

Strategic Prototyping For Human-Factors Engineering

Human-factors engineering (HFE) is gaining increasing attention, especially in the context of medical device product development. As technologies evolve, therapies advance, and devices become more complex, so does the role of HFE increase in priority.

Don’t Let A Shrinking Supply Chain Hinder Innovation

Many medical device companies are shrinking their supply bases, causing innovation challenges. This article explores some of the challenges medical device companies face in selecting their long-term supply chain partners and what characteristics those partners should have.

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