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Look, Ma! How I Solved These Implantable Device Challenges

Implantable medical devices are a fast-growing market that demands regulatory savvy and technical proficiency from component suppliers.

Improving Quality Through Supplier Audits

Suppliers and manufacturers working together to improve quality throughout the supply chain creates high quality standards to ensure final products are safe and effective.

When Does Automated Assembly Make Sense?

To mitigate costs, timeliness, and other factors, in order to produce a safe, effective, innovative medical device, means assembly has to be part of the concept phase, to determine if full automation is the solution. 

Unique Wheelchair Opens The Road Less Traveled

The GRIT Freedom Chair features Protolabs sheet metal parts and helps persons with disabilities break through barriers.

Micro Medical Manufacturing Tolerances

Precise miniature plastic parts are the result of exact tooling processes such as micro tooling and micro injection molding. By understanding the tolerances of these tooling processes, it’s possible to achieve repeatability and part accuracy for even the most advanced micro medical device. 

Influence On Measurement Accuracy As A Function Of Sample Quantity With High-Throughput Moisture Analyzers

Nearly all industries perform moisture analyses at some stage of production for quality assurance. This pharmaceutical industry application note demonstrates how a small increase in sample amount can help ensure correct and reliable measurements but must be balanced with cost and the desired measurement time.

Extruded Medical Tubing: Process Parameters, Equipment Play Critical Role

Most medical tubing specifications comprise a drawing of a tube with the material, dimensions, and tolerances. Rarely do the specs include other tubing attributes or process parameters associated with the production of the tubing. 

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