News | November 8, 2017

Tonomonitor©: A Device For Detecting Ocular Hypertension With Self-Testing Capability

Dr. Michael Lawrence Cohen, has been granted a U.S. patent for the Tonomonitor, an intraocular pressure monitoring device. The light, handheld biomechanical device is unique in design, cost, function, portability, and ease of use.  Because the Tonomonitor is self-contained it requires no power source, is practically indestructible and can be reused or disposable. Using proven over-the-lid technology the Tonomonitor is anesthetic- free.

The inexpensive instrument is a totally new concept. It is a “Tono-Monitor,” rather than a “Tono-Meter,” offering two basic modalities; (1) At-home monitoring of glaucoma drug efficacy. (2) As a screening instrument to detect elevated intraocular pressure. In both scenarios, the Tonomonitor is effortless to use and uncomplicated. The results are noted with a color indicator and a sound change. The visual and the auditory signals are synchronized for confident pass/fail results…without the possibility of human error.  

Today, testing and monitoring intraocular pressure requires an in-facility presence. Office monitoring of diurnal variations through serial readings puts unmanageable time and/or travel constraints on patients and providers.  Cost-effective home testing for IOP elevation and monitoring medication efficacy is an unanswered need.  Both have been called for in professional literature, and although there have been numerous attempts to produce a low-cost, clinically accepted device that addresses the problem, none are on the market.  Until now, self-administered serial readings and routine monitoring of IOP drug regimen is virtually non-existent for at-home use in confirming drug efficacy over diurnal variations. Few if any provider is willing to inventory and loan $3000 hand-held devices to their glaucoma patients to take home, but for a small fraction (projected retail cost: $60) home monitoring can become a major adjunct to care.

The target markets are in licensing the product to pharmaceutical manufacturers and selling directly to providers, including but not limited to ophthalmologists, optometrists, veterinarians, emergency care, nursing homes, the military and thousands of free-clinics where cost-effective screening is an adjunct to treatment monitoring.  Added opportunity markets exist in over-the-counter sales, e-commerce and serving the $58Million pet industry, where the animal health potential may be as large as the human eye care market.  In fact, detecting canine and equine glaucoma is a major opportunity.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.  In the United States alone, there are of millions of patients being treated for glaucoma and it is estimated that another 30 million people have undetected ocular hypertension, plus more with normal-tension glaucoma.  On a global scale, detected and undetected glaucoma number in the hundreds of millions. The Tonomonitor is positioned to fill that void by providing eye care practitioners and their patients hassle-free screening, and treatment confirmation. Enhanced monitoring of medication efficacy is invaluable to pharmaceutical manufacturers in product development and growing glaucoma drug sales. 

MLC Medical, LLC is based in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The Tonomonitor and products currently on board have been developed through continued research and development biomedical engineers, practitioners and physicists.