Newsletter | April 1, 2021

04.01.21 -- Trends In FDA Quality System Inspections: 3 Takeaways To Ensure Future Success

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Supporting Medical Advancement At Knowles Precision Devices

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD) handles the specialty components that go in the systems that can’t quit. One area of expertise is high-reliability capacitors for medical devices and medical implantable devices.

Elements Of Design: Dealing With Suspect Parts

Injection molding has numerous key parameters that must tie together in order to make a repeatable molding process. Medbio offers a solution that utilizes cavity pressure curves, key process parameter tolerances, and automation to automatically reject parts that do not make the cut in in the molding process. 

Principles Of Non-Newtonian Rheology And The Characteristics Of Extreme Shear Rates

In this presentation, Patrick Haney from MTD Micromolding joins with Sodick to cover the topic of non-Newtonian rheology, or the way molten plastic flows through the flow channels of an injection mold. The webinar also covers what happens to these flow characteristics when they are exposed to extremely high shear rates. 

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