Newsletter | June 21, 2022

06.21.22 -- Voluntary Improvement Program: FDA Seeks Public Comment On Draft Guidance

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Are You Compliant When It Comes To Pipetting?

When developing or testing your medical device, there is always the question: Are you following methods for current good laboratory practices (cGLPs) or current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs)? If you follow this practical guide, you can have peace of mind on the topic of compliance.

Hostaform MT POM ECO-B: Proven Versatile, Easy, And Environmentally Sustainable

There is a need for environmentally sustainable materials in the medical device industry, and Celanese’s Hostaform MT POM ECO-B fills the gap. From feasibility to development to commercialization, Celanese’s scientists and engineers are there to provide development services, GMP material supply, and regulatory support.

Impedance: Examining The Opposition

Impedance, measured in ohms, extends the concept of “opposition” to alternating current (AC) applications and plays an important role in capacitor selection.

Why On-Demand Manufacturing Works Like Amazon Prime For Medtech Companies

The world’s growing on-demand economy and the idea of real-time fulfillment of goods and services now drives business, whether it’s a business-to-consumer transaction at Amazon Prime or a business-to-business exchange at companies such as Protolabs.

5 Ways Manufacturers Optimize Consumables Programs With RFID

RFID technology helps manufacturers relying on repeat sales of consumable components to combat threats to profitability and performance while ensuring superior operability for their end-use customers. This white paper further discusses the benefits of RFID technology and presents five ways that it may be used to optimize consumables programs.

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