Newsletter | May 7, 2019

05.07.19 -- What To Understand Before Outsourcing HFE Usability Testing

Featured Editorial
Understanding Costs And Risks For Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Usability Studies – Part 2: Outsourcing HFE Usability Testing
By Charles L. Mauro, CHFP, Chris Morley, and Kim Dalton, Mauro Usability Science

This article -- the second in a two-part series -- examines how to navigate the complex problem of optimizing data quality while controlling for study costs and time constraints when employing independent HFE testing agencies.

Industry Insights
Flexible Substrates For Smart Sensor Applications
White Paper | By Dr. Eckardt Bihler, Dr. Marc Hauer, Birgit Neubauer, Micro Systems Technologies

A novel approach that delivers miniaturized, hermetic, biostable, and highly reliable smart sensor modules.

Five Considerations For Working With A Molder Early In The Product Design Phase (Do’s And Don’ts)
Article | By Mike Driscoll, Carclo Technical Plastics

When developing a part or device for the medical or optic industries, the goal is always to get that part to market as quickly as possible. The key to doing just that: Developing a strong relationship with a molder early in the part design process.

NOVO Turns To Machining And Molding For Medical Device Prototyping
Article | Protolabs, Inc.

NOVO Engineering is a design engineering firm that specializes in product development. In this Q+A, topics of discussion cover how digital manufacturing fits within NOVO’s design process and the challenges the company overcame during the development of a new medical device.

Sutures And AEOS ePTFE Monofilament
White Paper | By Kevin J. Bigham, Ph.D., Zeus

One of the most successful synthetic materials with suture applications has been PTFE and its variant, expanded PTFE (ePTFE). ZEUS now offers Aeos ePTFE suture monofilament for safe and effective surgical interventions while being readily obtainable for nonexclusive or unbranded use.

Reducing The Life Cycle Cost Of Validation (Part 3): Equipment Selection, Processing, And Maintenance
Article | By Kyle Kulwicki, PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.

Selecting equipment that will consistently function as needed can help ensure the high level of quality and production uptime required for the lifetime of your product’s production needs.

Understanding A Camera’s Resolution
Article | PCO-TECH Inc.

The resolution of an image sensor describes the total number of pixels that can be used to detect an image. From the standpoint of the image sensor, it is sufficient to count the number and describe it usually as the product of the horizontal number of pixels times the vertical number of pixels.

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