Product Showcase

  1. Motion Control Products: Ironcore Motors

    Canon’s ironcore motors are part of the family of dc-motor products that are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power, and currents required for OEM applications. These motors are available in a wide variety of sizes and windings, and are used in many different markets ranging from consumer products to industrial and professional products. A lineup of options such as gears and encoders can provide the optimum solution to fulfill any requirement.

  2. Motion Control Products: Brushless Motors

    Canon’s brushless motors are part of the family of dc-motor products that are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power, and currents required for OEM applications. These compact, high-power motors are offered in outer rotor types with high rotational stability and quick response, as well as in inner rotor types equipped with reduction gears and encoders.

  3. Precise Medical Silicone Molding For Reliable Device Performance

    FMI is dedicated to providing high quality, custom molded, precision silicone components for implantable and disposable medical devices. Their engineers are prepared to work with each customer in order to define the best molding process, tool design, and manufacturing controls according to material preferences, manufacturing and assembly plans, and specific application requirements.

  4. Inner Rotor Type Brushless Motor: BY54

    The new inner rotor type BY54 brushless motor is designed to support a wide range of medical applications such as dialysis systems, lab automation, medical pumps, etc. The motor features high output in a compact design while offering high efficiency (max 80%, rated 75%).

  5. FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometers

    Medtronic’s FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometer product family uses the most accurate predictive thermometer technology on the market. These thermometers are designed to make fast body temperature readings through the use of the mouth (oral), anus (rectal), and armpit (axillary). Developers can also integrate FILAC™ technology into multi-parameter units, and are therefore provided with the necessary mechanical models, drawings, communication protocols, interface documentation, and component samples for meeting the demands of the market.

  6. Helios Laser Power Meter For Industrial Automation

    The Helios is a compact, precision laser power meter designed specifically for the measurement of high power lasers in industrial processing applications. It measures an array of high power solid state lasers such as diode, fiber, and YAG lasers with powers ranging from 100 W to 12 kW and energies ranging from 10 J to 10 kJ. This device operates by measuring the energy and exposure time of a short 0.1 to 10 second exposure of the laser, and then calculates the power.

  7. Tailored Solutions For Optimal Sensors

    First Sensor provides a continuous tailored process for assisting customers in finding the optimum sensor solutions for standard sensors, modifications thereof, or a custom development. This process begins with the analyzation of the customers’ specific task, and then moves to the creation of a plan, and the development and management of the entire sensor solution.

  8. Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) With Enhanced NIR sensitivity Up To 950nm: Series 9.5

    First Sensor’s new Series 9.5 of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are designed with an increased sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 950 nm. Due to their fast rise time and very low dark current, these ADPs are ideal for applications with low light intensities and high modulation frequencies such as laser range-finding and laser scanning. Other applications for the photodiodes include safety scanners, 3D-mapping, environmental monitoring, high resolution LIDAR systems for autonomous driving, as well as high speed photometry, and fiber optical communication.

  9. Process Validation Capabilities

    PTI is experienced in advanced precision inspection and testing abilities that tackle a number of dimensional and functional product requirements and specifications. These validation processes support a wide range of comprehensive inspection actions including receiving final audits, first article layouts, and full AIAG PPAP and IQ, OQ, PQ Process Validation Submissions.

  10. Secondary Operations Saving Time And Money

    PTI has exceptional plastic joining experience, technical expertise, and responsive services in place to meet secondary assembly challenges. This experience alongside their designs for manufacturability enables PTI to provide the best methods for matching important assembly requirements and other add value services.