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Harshal Shah

Harshal joined Cambridge Consultants in 2015 as Head of Oncology Drug Delivery, focused on growing the company’s drug delivery business in the U.S. — in particular, expanding its offerings in the oncology space. With more than eight years of strategy and management consulting experience in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and drug-device combination products, Harshal has a deep knowledge and understanding of drug delivery device design, development, and commercialization. His past experience includes working with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, PRTM Management Consultants, and managing his own practice as principal of Labyrintheus Consulting.


  • Capitalizing On Surgical Oncology's Device Innovation Opportunities

    Considering the direction of cutting-edge medtech innovations, I think surgical oncology will see a wave of innovation in areas specifically focused on non-invasive preventive and diagnostic screenings, accuracy of tumor excision, and smart implants.

  • Cancer Care's Evolving Recovery And Remission Phase Demands Evolved Medical Devices

    Cancer research receives a huge share of global R&D spending, driving lots of innovation in therapies and changing the landscape of the remission and recovery phases, in particular. However, the availability of drugs on self-administration device platforms is one element of cancer care that is not aligned with a non-clinical, long-term care model. Herein lies a great opportunity for medical device manufacturers. 

  • How Medtech Can (Profitably) Improve Palliative Care Patients' Quality Of Life

    The opportunities to improve quality of life through different phases of the patient journey are vast, and they start with developing and improving products with out-of-the-box thinking, integrating the latest technologies, and growing our understanding of patient needs — aligned with the economics of cancer care. Let’s focus first on the final stage of the patient journey, as it typically is the most ignored stage in terms of improving patient quality of life.