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The Role Of Sensing Technologies In Delivering Personalized Patient Care
Advancements in sensing technologies revolutionize individualized healthcare, from wearables to implantables. Explore key areas where sensors are reshaping personalized care.  Continue Reading..
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Ultrasound Piezo Transducers Provide Lifesaving Medication Through Atomization
Innovative piezo-operated mesh nebulizers revolutionize respiratory therapy, offering precise dosing, increased efficiency, and reduced medication waste for enhanced patient well-being.  Continue Reading..
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How To Select An RFID Partner To Enhance Your Medical Devices
Discover RFID's advantages in medical devices, guidance for supplier selection, and success stories from healthcare's RFID integration, offering valuable insights and practical examples.  Continue Reading..
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15 Reasons To Implement RFID In Medical Devices
Discover the importance of integrating RFID technology into medical devices for improved tracking, supply chain management, and patient safety — enhancing security, traceability, and compatibility.  Continue Reading..
Surgical Robots For Minimally Invasive Procedures
Today’s next-gen surgeries comprise the least invasive procedures to date through the use of Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s da Vinci S HD Surgical System. This paper introduces different parts of these surgical robots, how they operate, their advantages, and how maxon motors are used in these systems.  Continue Reading..
Machine Optimization Through DC Motor Selection
DC motor selection is argued to be one of the most important steps in providing motion control of a medical machine. This article points out the basic differences between DC brushed and brushless motors, what they can do, where they fit best, and how to make a selection for each application.  Continue Reading..
Laser Beam Diagnostics In GHz Applications
It usually is insufficient to rely on one standard measurement technology when working with applications in exotic optical wavelengths and unusually low average powers. This white paper goes through an example of calculating many laser beam diagnostics within high GHz applications.  Continue Reading..
Ophir - Working-Basement
Working In The Basement: Measuring Signals Below The Noise Floor With A Lock-In Amplifier
This article presents the advantages of using lock-in amplifiers for measuring signals below the noise floor, how they work, and available devices from Ophir.  Continue Reading..