Do OR Disposables Have A Future In Value-Based Healthcare?
Do OR Disposables Have A Future In Value-Based Healthcare?

Medical device companies are about to get a hard audit from hospitals. Read this critical advice from someone going through it now. 

  • Traditional, MIS European Spine Devices Experiencing Continual Growth
    Traditional, MIS European Spine Devices Experiencing Continual Growth

    Traditional spinal fusion device markets continue to experience regular growth. This trend is applied across fixation devices, interbody devices, vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatment, and other product segments. The major competitive limiters are expected to be minimally invasive devices and motion preservation. However, traditional devices currently enjoy a strong advantage over the latter in reimbursement and clinical research.

  • Stomping Out Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    Stomping Out Diabetic Foot Ulcers

    A diabetic foot ulcer is a serious open sore or wound found in about 15 percent of diabetic patients. Since these ulcers could lead to amputation in up to 24 percent of those who develop one, prevention is of great importance to both the patient and medical professional. Would you be willing to step on a device that looks like a bathroom scale each morning for 20 seconds to help ensure your mobility?

  • What Do I Need To Do To Be Popular? – A Medical-Grade Wearables Wish List
    What Do I Need To Do To Be Popular? – A Medical-Grade Wearables Wish List

    The long-term vision for wearables in healthcare includes an active role restoring patient health, preventing certain diseases by promoting behavioral changes, and ultimately, promoting healthier lifestyles, leading to improved overall health.

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  • Improving Health Outcomes With Personalized Apps
    Improving Health Outcomes With Personalized Apps

    Advances in sensors, smartphones, communications, and analytics give developers new tools to build creative and powerful applications that promise to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Micro-MIM Succeeds At Making Precise Micro Metal Parts

As component sizes for medical devices shrink to micron size, conventional machining may not be the most efficient or consistent method for manufacturing. Learn why Micro-MIM is preferred for components with tight tolerances at high volumes.

Plan For Success With Sustaining Engineering In Medical Device Development And Manufacturing

A key aspect to a successful medical device development project is a dedicated outsourcing partner who can provide engineering expertise that includes sustaining engineering. Sustaining engineering enables the developer to plan ahead, getting the development and design of the device done right the first time, and smoothing the transition to manufacturing. This article discusses the importance of sustaining engineering, and KMC's executive director of engineering, Scott Leon, weighs in on the subject.

How To Uncover The Hidden Value Of Culture In Supplier Selection

The business pain of switching suppliers, both in terms of costs and revalidation time, heightens the importance of making the right decision the first time.

Taking Micromolding To the Next Level

Micromolding requires a high level of intimacy and attention to detail to be successful over the long run, so it’s important to work with micromolder with the capability, scalability, and sustainability to get a product from the design stage all the way to high-quality mass production. 

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Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping

Donatelle’s rapid tooling and prototyping services help accelerate the design process and bring critical medical device products to market – faster. With an experienced team of engineers, mold designers, machinists, and toolmakers, they are able to produce near-net shape parts with near production tolerances, machined or molded, in as little as a few days.

Lab Testing And Sterilization Validation Services Lab Testing And Sterilization Validation Services

REVOX has put together a team comprising engineers, chemists, microbiologists, project managers, business consultants, and quality and regulatory professionals that are subject matter experts with strong expertise and experience in their fields. REVOX can work to enable sterilization technology to work to its fullest potential for medical devices. The company offers rapid 30-day sterilization development, materials and microbiological laboratory testing, supply chain optimization services, and regulatory development expertise.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Battelle brings together deep experience in bioinformatics, biologics, chemistry and related fields to deliver innovative in vitro technologies with unparalleled accuracy and detection limits — all at unprecedented speed and with significant cost savings.

Pressure Relief Valves (For Plastic) Pressure Relief Valves (For Plastic)

The IMH Pressure Relief Valves for plastic incorporate a simple, press-in design for easy installation. With features including metal to metal seating, the valves provide low leakage, highly repeatable cracking pressure, and compatibility with a wide range of fluids and gases.

Daikyo Crystal Zenith<sup>®</sup> Luer Lock Syringe Systems Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Luer Lock Syringe Systems

Quick Time To Market, Significantly Lower Risk

Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Luer Lock syringes are designed to fit a variety of standard drug delivery devices, and compared to glass they offer unprecedented strength, durability, and protection.

Hydrogels For Medical Devices Hydrogels For Medical Devices

Cardinal Health’s OEM division offers a large selection of latex-free hydrogels in bulk rolls or in slit widths. These medical device hydrogels are used in a variety of applications including ECG signaling, defibrillation, electrosurgical and iontophoretic return electrodes, T.E.N.S., wound care, cosmetics, and non-skin adhesives.

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Ophir Photonics Ophir Photonics

Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corporation, began making laser power meters, energy meters, and beam profilers in 1979, and we’ve never looked back. We have headquarters in the United States, Israel, Japan, and Germany, as well as distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.

Donatelle Donatelle

Donatelle has been in business over 45 years providing medical device contract manufacturing services helping companies develop innovative and life-saving products. 



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