5 Reasons Your Medtech Market Likely Is Smaller Than You Think
5 Reasons Your Medtech Market Likely Is Smaller Than You Think

It’s best to be sure you understand the defensible, fact-based market need for your great idea before investing significantly in an intuitive belief of its potential.

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  • Improving Health Outcomes With Personalized Apps
    Improving Health Outcomes With Personalized Apps

    Advances in sensors, smartphones, communications, and analytics give developers new tools to build creative and powerful applications that promise to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Micro-MIM Succeeds At Making Precise Micro Metal Parts

As component sizes for medical devices shrink to micron size, conventional machining may not be the most efficient or consistent method for manufacturing. Learn why Micro-MIM is preferred for components with tight tolerances at high volumes.

Plan For Success With Sustaining Engineering In Medical Device Development And Manufacturing

Sustaining engineering enables the developer to plan ahead, getting the development and design of the device done right the first time, and smoothing the transition to manufacturing. KMC's executive director of engineering, Scott Leon, weighs in on the subject.

How To Uncover The Hidden Value Of Culture In Supplier Selection

The business pain of switching suppliers, both in terms of costs and revalidation time, heightens the importance of making the right decision the first time.

Taking Micromolding To the Next Level

Micromolding requires a high level of intimacy and attention to detail to be successful over the long run, so it’s important to work with micromolder with the capability, scalability, and sustainability to get a product from the design stage all the way to high-quality mass production. 

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Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping

Donatelle’s rapid tooling and prototyping services help accelerate the design process and bring critical medical device products to market – faster. With an experienced team of engineers, mold designers, machinists, and toolmakers, they are able to produce near-net shape parts with near production tolerances, machined or molded, in as little as a few days.

Engineering And Design Services Engineering And Design Services

KMC Systems offers decades of experience in solving complex medical engineering and design challenges, and in considering innovative, highly-automated solutions for the development of full-system instrumentation. KMC Systems engineers work collaboratively with customers to achieve optimal interdisciplinary solutions to laboratory automation challenges, Design for Manufacturability and Serviceability (DFM and DFS) challenges, and medical device verification and validation.

Laser Beam Profilers Laser Beam Profilers

Laser beam profilers are the optimal solutions for increasing chances of success in the design or applications of new lasers, or when a laser system is no longer meeting the desired specifications. Ophir Photonics offers a wide range of beam profiler choices including CCD and CMOS cameras, scanning slit sensors, InGaAs and pyroelectric cameras, and pinhole and knife edge sensors.

  PolyJet 3D Printing Services PolyJet 3D Printing Services

Proto Labs is proud to introduce PolyJet technology to their 3D printing capabilities. PolyJet technology is used to provide designers and engineers with the ability to manufacture elastomeric and overmolded prototypes without investing in tooling. This technology can create 3D-printed parts comprising both elastomeric and rigid materials, as well as multiple colors.

Compact Modular Cameras For Robust Applications Compact Modular Cameras For Robust Applications

First Sensor offers rugged, compact cameras designed to withstand the toughest conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, or permanent vibrations. Each camera features a modular design with different interfaces and data formats for simple integration. 

Graphics Inspection Systems for Packaging Graphics Inspection Systems for Packaging

Inspect digital artwork files and proofs pixel by pixel to an approved file to check for errors.

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Bristol Instruments, Inc. Bristol Instruments, Inc.

BRISTOL INSTRUMENTS, INC., located near Rochester, NY, was founded in January, 2005, by three technical and marketing leaders of the now-defunct Burleigh Instruments. Together, this group has almost 60 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of lasers and precision test instruments used in basic and applied research, engineering, and production test applications.

Protolabs, Inc. Protolabs, Inc.

Proto Labs, Inc., through its Firstcut and Protomold services, utilizes proprietary computing technologies and automated manufacturing systems to provide prototype parts and short-run production services. All parts are made by standard production methods, delivered at affordable prices, and can be delivered in as fast as one day.



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