Data-security-privacy-GettyImages-1162361864 The Shifting Data Privacy Landscape For Femtech & Beyond

The lack of an overarching privacy framework for all health data has resulted in a wild west of privacy practices, with some health tech companies prioritizing consumer privacy while other companies do not. The leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has reignited demand for privacy standards. This article examines what this means for femtech and health tech at large.

  • We are close to a new era in ultrasound technology. From helping healthcare specialists detect diseases such as cancerous cells to showing real-time images inside the mother’s womb, this technology is a go-to way for specialists to deal with a range of diseases and tasks. Let's take a closer look at the 5 emerging technologies impacting this field's future.

  • At the end of 2019, the Digital Healthcare Act introduced a dedicated pathway enabling reimbursement of digital health offerings in Germany. Many consider the act a breakthrough that allowed Germany to advance from a relatively low level of healthcare digitization (among developed countries) into a role model position. Two years and 28 approved digital health apps later, what can we learn?

  • The double-digit growth in many segments of the U.S. large joint repair market was the result of a recovery from the impact of COVID-19. This article discusses the growth in the knee replacement, hip replacement, and bone cement sub-markets.


Function And Form: Designing Implantable Medical Textiles For Today’s Heart Valves And Beyond

This article explains how fabrics can be used in heart valves now and in the future, and design considerations during product development.

Global Medical Device Company (Orthopedics) Case Study

In this case study, Secant Group creates braided and woven fabrics for a textile-based component in a minimally invasive orthopedic device.

Neurovascular Device Case Study

Secant Group’s textile braiding and engineering expertise accelerates prototyping process for new neurovascular device in this case study. 

Top 5 Pitfalls You Should Know About Medical Device Quality System Auditing

Learn about the critical questions to ask while planning medical device audit management activities, as well as the five common problem areas with medical device quality system auditing. 


Whether you need a few pieces or a few thousand, Donatelle's highly specialized team can produce parts with near-production tolerances in as little as a few days. As part of their integrated services, they work closely with your design team to select the best polymers and metals to bring accuracy and consistency to your molded components. You can also rely on their expertise with hundreds of exotic materials, including high-temperature, implantable-grade and silicone.

Flexan is committed to providing the highest quality of silicone components for medical devices. Using the highest process controls alongside the most rigorous quality tools, Flexan is able to ensure patient safety and 100 percent inspection of every single component before it ships.

Caplugs has been a global leader in plastic molding with six different molding processes and thousands of material options. The in-house team of engineers works with customers throughout their comprehensive process to design a unique solution process from creating concepts and rapid prototyping to packaging and inventory management.

Detergent 8 is concentrated to save you money, biodegradable, and readily disposable. Its penetrating wetting power saves you time. It’s free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues.

MasterControl's supplier management solution automates supplier management processes and ensures supplier quality and compliance.

MTD offers multiple prototyping pathways to best suit each customer’s project needs and goals. MTD Micromolding's medical prototyping services include 3D printing, micro machining, and test tooling.


Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components




Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are taking the life sciences world by storm. Do you know how to harness its power for your medical device? Check out our latest e-book which examines the opportunities AI and ML offer to both complement and supplement human intelligence in the medical device industry.

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