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Medtech Startup Gets To Market Faster With On-Demand Molding
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Once an exact mold is built, our robust micro molding process begins. Dependable and accurate equipment is essential when working with such small component sizes and micro features.

MTD Micro Molding works with our customers to help them select the right medical grade plastics for their applications.

MTD's micro part design uses three in-house micro technology tools  - MicroFill, MicroFlow, and MicroRunner - to optimize your micro part design.

High-resolution features created with ultra-precise tooling means superior products. In-house tooling means a shorter, stronger development process.

Handling and assembling or packaging micro-sized medical devices is far more challenging, and the solutions are different than those employed in making macro-sized parts.

Although each micro-manufacturing cell is considered autonomous, MTD must also depend on proper quality assurance techniques, which come in the form of micro metrology and testing.


  • Discover unparalleled expertise in medical molding with Medbio. As a premier contract manufacturer, we offer comprehensive custom molding services, now enhanced through our partnership with Caplugs.

  • In this webinar, we delve into how conventional plastics behave under extreme shear stress and its real-world impact on micro medical product design. Gain insights to make informed material choices.

  • Utilizing Medbio’s Prototype-Plus process, the same tool that provides prototype samples for testing and validation can be used for the initial production run.

  • Take a look inside our ISO 13485 certified Orchard Park, New York locations featuring two full-service facilities: one dedicated to silicone and the other for thermoplastics injection molding.

  • Join us for a tour of the Medbio headquarters on our Grand Rapids campus, featuring multiple ISO 13485-certified facilities totaling 90,000 square feet.

  • Take a tour of Medbio's ISO13485 certified Clinton Township location's two facilities with approximately 55,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space which house injection molding, in-house mold design, and tooling construction.