Marissa Fayer

Marissa Fayer is president of Fayer Consulting, a global consulting business helping small to midsize medical device companies reduce their costs and increase their profits. The firm specializes in manufacturing relocations, project management, high performing team development, and optimization of operations. Marissa Fayer has been working in the medical device industry for over 15 years with a focus on offshore operations and project management for complex multistage integration and implementation projects.


  • 6 Ways Medtech Can Give Back To The Community

    As part of the outsourcing and offshoring community, we collectively take a lot from local communities, and often forget what enables us to reap such financial and strategic benefits. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work should be a cornerstone of the outsourcing/offshoring relationship.

  • Outsourcing Approaches: Large vs. Small OEMs

    Regardless of their size or product, all OEMs seek value in terms of cost, quality, and delivery. As the trend of consolidation and global expansion continues on the OEM side of the business, so too does the trend of seeking more intimate relationships with OEMs continue on the contract manufacturing side.

  • 8 Simple Ways To Develop More Effective, Engaged Employees At Offshore Locations

    Employees are the basis of any company’s success. Without them, you won’t prosper in any location, and they are especially critical to ensure a prosperous offshore operation. Working for a business that values the employee creates benefit for both parties and can equate to significant monetary value.

  • 7 Rules For Managing Medtech Manufacturing Partner Relationships

    Managing the relationship with your contract manufacturing partner is essential for both parties’ success. Here, we will discuss how manage those relationships, evolving them from simple operational transactions to true, mutually beneficial partnerships. 

  • 6 Keys To Choosing A Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

    The relationship between an OEM and a contract manufacturer (CM) is similar to a marriage: Pick the right partner and have a long, happy, and profitable future together.  Pick the wrong one, and there’s extra work, unhappiness, and a short-lived future. Each CM has something unique to offer, but that fit is dependent upon what you want to gain from the relationship.

  • Quality Focus In Outsourcing And Offshoring — What To Retain And What To Relinquish

    When outsourcing and offshoring your operations, it may seem daunting to “let things go,” but redundancy wastes time and effort. Here, we will delve into the business areas to retain and those to relinquish control of, while still maintaining the high quality expected of your products.   

  • Emerging Areas For Medtech Outsourcing And Offshoring (And When To Go)

    When deciding your outsourcing and offshoring strategy, timing and technology have everything to do with choosing the right location for your business. Here, we will delve into the current and emerging areas for both outsourcing and offshoring, discuss the specialties within each region, and review key background factors that will aid in your location decision.

  • Why Outsource Or Offshore Your Medtech Operations? (And How To Ensure A Smooth Transition)

    In this article series, we will explore the latest trends, challenges, and best practices surrounding outsourcing and offshoring in the medical device industry. This first installment will explain the benefits of outsourcing and offshoring, and share some tips for making the transition process as smooth as possible for you and your organization.