Zachi Fizik

Zachi Fizik specializes in all aspects of plastics engineering with particular expertise in injection molding tooling and supply chain strategy. He has more than three decades of experience supporting both startups and well-known brands in the medical, military, telecom, and consumer industries throughout the entire plastics lifecycle, from the early design phase through the engineering phases and into mass production. He holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Recently, he served as consultant to several promising innovative Israeli medical startups whose novel devices reached regulatory approvals. You can reach him at and connect with him on LinkedIn.


  • Introduction to Injection Mold Verification

    Throughout Zachi Fizik's article series, he has focused on plastic parts used in your medical device and the associated mold production process. In this article, he explains the difference between T0 and T1, which is the first trial. He also discusses sending T1 remarks to the mold maker. With a combination of experience and agility, you'll be able to approve final samples in a timely manner.

  • 4 Steps To Kick Off Your Mold Production Project For Success

    Zachi Fizik of ZF Consulting has been involved with injection molds production since the early 1990s. In the first article in this two-part article series, he'll detail the four milestones that are relevant and necessary for all mold production projects, no matter how tight your budget is or how quickly your deadline looms.

  • A Methodology For Developing Injection-Molded Plastic Parts For Your Medical Device

    This article describes a methodology that addresses the questions that have a reputation for being “troublemakers” in the process of injected plastic product development, without compromising innovation and creativity.

  • Incorporating Injection Molded Plastics In Medical Device Design — Initial Considerations

    Even a great component idea can be undermined by gaps in knowledge surrounding plastic materials, from engineering and design considerations to optimal procedures for turning that idea into a reliable plastic part that can be consistently produced, affordably and with high quality.