6-Axis Micro Robotic Positioner

Hexapod Multi-Axis Motion Systems

Hexapod motion systems are based on six high-resolution actuators acting on one platform through a parallel kinematic arrangement. The advantage is a smaller design, with higher dynamics and precision compared to classical multi-axis motion.  A sophisticated controller allows the user to change the pivot point at will.   The bottom line is an extremely versatile motion,  very similar to a human hand, which is why in medical engineering hexapod positioners are often used for handling systems and for surgery and endoscopy. In therapeutics, they allow the patient to be placed in exactly the right position, e.g. for the treatment of a tumor.

  • 6 Axis precision motion with randomized pivot point
  • For loads from 2kg to 5 tons
  • Self-locking without power
  • Precision from microns to nanometers
  • Non-magnetic option

Download the datasheet for additional information.