Actuators for Medical Dosing & Micropump Design

Actuators for Pumping and Dosing

PICMA® Stack Ceramic-Insulated Piezo Actuators for Pumping and Dosing

  • Sub-Nanometer sensitivity
  • Superior lifetime (>100 billion cycles)
  • Non Magnetic and High Vacuum compatible
  • Microsecond response and high stiffness
  • Very large operating temperature range

The minute dimensions, high force, resolution and dynamics of piezo ceramic actuators combined with their low operating cost and zero maintenance make them the ideal choice for applications involving micropumps and nanoliter dosing. The same applies to piezoceramic disks from PI for ultrasound generation, high force stack actuators providing acceleration to 10 g’s, and piezomotors for fast long travel motion. Download the datasheet for more information.