Aliphatic Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane (ATPU) Polymers


DSM Biomedical offers medical-grade Aliphatic Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane (ATPU) polymers designed with exceptional physical and biocompatibility properties, specifically for lower processing temperatures. The combination of high strength and elongation makes them ideal materials for temporary implant applications.

Adaptable to many different processing techniques, ATPU polymers can be extruded, compression or injection molded, dip coated and sprayed. These materials can also be used for solvent bonding. DSM ATPU polymers have been enhanced with SME® and SAME® technology to incorporate end groups and eliminate the need for additional surface processing steps after the device component is fabricated.

For more in-depth information on these ATPU polymers, download the available brochure.

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