News | November 12, 2014

Bloom Technologies Reveals First Clinical-Grade Wearable Device To Help Expecting Moms Track Contractions From Home

Bloom Technologies, a consumer health startup focused on helping moms have healthy babies, was showcased recently at the Samsung Developer Conference as a partner leveraging the Samsung SAMIIO software architecture. Bloom has developed the first wearable designed specifically for women that measures contractions in expecting moms. Bloom is a spin-off of nano-electronics research center imec, where the founders have been developing ultra-low power wearable systems for physiological tracking for more than a decade.

Expecting moms have contractions throughout the third trimester and until now had to rely on unreliable self-diagnosis to track contractions. Bloom aims to empower women and provide peace-of-mind by unlocking information currently only available in hospitals. The simple yet powerful wearable sensor is clinically accurate and designed with ultra low power electronics to not require any charging over the entire third trimester.

The device will be submitted for FDA approval and commercially available in 2015.  Upon release, the wearable will measure frequency, duration, and intensity of contractions. Bloom also plans to release algorithm updates to distinguish between Braxton Hicks and labor inducing contractions as well as track other parameters of fetal and maternal health.

The consumer focused platform aims to capture the most comprehensive dataset on maternal health ever collected. With this data Bloom looks to support women with personalized information to manage their health and partner with clinical researchers to tackle major pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth.

“We are excited at the opportunity to work with Samsung.  The Samsung SAMIIO platform,” said Eric Dy, co-founder and CEO of Bloom. “SAMI answers all of our data and backend needs, allowing us to focus on building an amazing experience for our customers. Our goal is to become the most trusted brand in maternal health by answering questions and concerns common to women and their care teams. Leveraging the Samsung SAMIIO platform will allow us to get there faster."

“Bloom Technologies is a good example of the potential for the SAMIIO platform. SAMI,” said Luc Julia, VP of Innovation at Samsung Electronics. “Companies like Bloom can leverage the secure, open, diverse data platform to upload information from their wearable devices and collect data from various devices to build their applications. Using our open APIs, Bloom is able to combine their unique data streams with other devices, to create a comprehensive view of the health of expecting moms.”

About Bloom Technologies
Bloom Technologies is a consumer health company focused on helping moms have healthy pregnancies.  Bloom is a spin-off of the nanoelectronics research center imec. For more than 10 years, Bloom’s founders have developed advanced clinical grade wearable technologies at imec’s R&D team in Leuven (Belgium) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands).  Bloom offers the first wearable designed specifically for women that measures physiological signals known to impact pregnancy outcomes and translates this information into meaningful actionable information for the woman and her care team. Bloom aims to take the guesswork out of pregnancy by collecting the largest dataset on maternal health ever collected to answer difficult questions expecting moms have and to solve large and growing pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth.

Source: Bloom Technologies