News | October 7, 2016

Carclo Technical Plastics Announces Facility Expansion For Continued Scale-Up Drug Delivery Device Manufacturing

Carclo Technical Plastics

LONDON - Carclo Technical Plastics Ltd (CTP) announces that it is expanding its medical manufacturing facility in Mitcham, Surrey, to continue the manufacturing scale-up of drug delivery devices and diagnostic disposables.

CTP has worked with the BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems business on the development of the BD Vystra ™ disposable pen which is used for delivery of insulin and other liquid pharmaceuticals; CTP has now been awarded a contract to manufacture components of the device in high volume.

CTP is investing significantly in new manufacturing space, injection moulding machines, ancillaries and specialist staff in Mitcham to support this and other projects.

UK Managing Director Patrick Ward stated “Carclo Technical Plastics has long been involved in manufacture of disposable diagnostic and delivery devices and we are delighted to be involved in this exciting project.  We wish BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) every success in bringing the BD Vystra disposable pen to the market and helping patients worldwide.” 

Carclo Technical Plastics,, is the largest division within Carclo plc with manufacturing operations in the UK, East and West USA, Czech Republic, India and China.  The business increasingly adds value to its customers by assembling and packaging finished devices for the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and ophthalmic sectors.  Typical products include drug delivery devices such as injection devices and asthma inhalers and diagnostic consumables such as pipette tips, reagent packs and Point-of-Care cartridges. 

Source: Carclo Technical Plastics Ltd (CTP)