Cardiovascular Medical Device & Surgical Components

Source: Secant Group

Secant Group combines biomaterial science and biomedical textile engineering technologies to create custom components that offer functional benefits to cardiovascular devices, including traditional and transcatheter heart valves, annuloplasty rings, vascular stent grafts for endovascular repair, and regenerative scaffolds.

Synthetic structures and tissue hybrids are the preferred materials in meeting the tissue response and durability requirements for long-term repair. These biomedical structures can be used as conductive materials and formed into tissue-engineered scaffolds to elicit a specific biologic response, such as cellular adhesion or controlled tissue integration. Resorbables can affect biologic repair by controlling the degradation or absorption rate of the biomedical structure to range between 60 days and 12 months.

Product Features Include:

  • Flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Controlled porosity
  • Low profile: thin structure that can be compacted to fit within catheter-based delivery systems

For more information, download the available datasheet and related case study.