News | August 17, 2023

CCIT PTI Announces Lumitron As Distributor In Israel

Hawthorne, New York and Petah Tikva, Israel - Lumitron, a leading supplier of instrumentation and consumable solutions for the life science industries, has been chosen by PTI as an exclusive distributor for its line of inspection technology solutions in Israel.

“We are very excited to be expanding our portfolio to include PTI products and to be offering another market-leading brand to better serve our customers.”

Nimrod Elbocher
Analytical Equipment Department Manager of Lumitron

Nimrod Elbocher states “PTI has pioneered non-destructive technologies for inspecting pharmaceutical, medical device, and food/nutritional packaging for four decades. Their deterministic, non-destructive technologies are a global brand standard, very well known in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and nutrition industries for integrity testing and validating packaging processes. PTI offers several advantages since its technologies and test methods are recognized by organizations such as the FDA, ASTM, and USP. Their VeriPac, MicroCurrent HVLD, and Seal-Scan® technologies have been proven as robust, reliable inspection solutions for package integrity testing, backed by data-driven results, replacing unreliable probabilistic test methods such as dye ingress and other destructive methods.

“In choosing Lumitron as our Israel distributor, we have ensured our customers will receive the highest quality experience, service, and support within the industry.”

Joerg Reinecke
EMEA Regional Sales Manager for PTI

Joerg Reinecke states, “Lumitron has been at the forefront of research and technology for more than 40 years with equipment and instruments from the best manufacturers in the world, supporting laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. This team has a strong presence as a solutions provider in Israel, and we are eager to work together in promoting PTI inspection technologies.”

About PTI
PTI is a leading manufacturer of package quality testing equipment. Our technology solutions are focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and food/nutrition industries. PTI offers deterministic technologies for package integrity, seal quality, and container closure integrity testing. Our non-destructive technologies are designed for R&D laboratory testing, automated 100% inline systems for production and manufacturing, and Integrator/OEM solutions.

About Lumitron
Lumitron, a part of the Comtal Technologies and Engineering Group, founded in 1980, stands as a prominent player in Israel's landscape, offering a wide array of equipment and consumables catering to biotechnology laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions, and the academic sphere. Lumitron brings extensive professional experience and knowledge, enabling solutions that are optimal to the client’s needs, offering a complete package, including extensive applicative support, professional training and technical services, calibration, maintenance, and repair services.

Source: PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems

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