Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (ALN)

Source: Heatron, Inc.

Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (ALN)

Aluminum nitride (ALN) is a hard, dense, non-porous, high purity substrate. It offers excellent thermal conductivity and uniformity, superior moisture and chemical resistance, excellent size and shape capability, a precise and repeatable pattern, and distributed wattage.

This substrate is ideal for high temperature medical applications up to 1000oC. It’s ideal for instrumentation involved in dialysis, CPAP, DNA analysis/testing, temperature therapy, and sterilization. It can also be used in surgical devices, vessel sealers, instrument warming, MRI equipment, and blood/fluid warming applications.    

  • Power densities to 155 W/cm2 (1000 W/in2).
  • Superior thermal conductivity (220 W/mK).
  • Excellent dielectric properties.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Low mass: fast temperature ramp up and cool down.
  • Low leakage current.
  • No out gassing with inorganic systems.

For information on Heatron’s ALN ceramic core and how it can help with you medical device design, download the datasheet.