Source: Qosina Corporation

IV drip chambers are available in a variety of styles including hand pumps, in-line, non-vented and vented. Top diameters range from 0.55 inch (14 mm) to 1.18 inch (30mm).

Drip chamber covers are also offered in one port drip or two ports. Medical drip chamber filters are available in a variety of styles including solution filters and conical filters with sizes that range from a 15-micron filter through 270-micron filters.

Our catalog also includes medical in-line drip chamber assemblies that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Several drip chambers are equipped with a cover that allows 20 drops/ml, and some are offered with a 15-micron filter. Qosina stocks a non-vented solution filter drip chamber and a non-vented drip chamber. Materials for drip chambers consist of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, styrene-butadiene copolymer, and nylon.