8-Channel Intensified sCMOS Camera: pco.dicam C8


The pco.dicam C8 camera system is the next member of the multi-channel intensified camera series that exploits the full performance inherent to scientific CMOS sensor technology. With its high-end optical beam splitters, the input light can be equally distributed to the eight image intensifiers.

The sensors are coupled with the pco.dicam C1 proven tandem lenses to the 16 bit 4.2 Mpixel sCMOS sensor. It is the most flexible configuration of 16 individual exposure times and their corresponding interframing times, making the camera a unique scientific solution. The 80G fiber optic based data interface guarantees uncompressed and robust 16 bit data transfer of 848 full frames per second via optical fiber over virtually any distance.

For additional features and benefits of the pco.dicam C8 camera, download the available datasheet.

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