Compact USB Module That Turns PC Into Laser Power/Energy Meter: Juno+

Source: Ophir Photonics

The Juno+ is a smart, compact USB module and interface designed to turn a laptop or PC into a full laser power/energy meter. The module connects any of the 100+ Ophir smart laser sensors to a PC USB port. The Juno+ operates with StarLab software to log power and energy, as well as calculate and display averages, statistics, and histograms.

This plug-and-play Juno+ module can connect several sensors (up to 8) to one PC or laptop. Juno+ uses a standard USB cable and can be unplugged from one sensor and used on another. No power source is required. A scalable analog output is provided for synchronizing power readings with an outside controller. System integrator tools, LabVIEW VIs and COM Object Interface, are included.

For additional features and specifications on the Juno+, download the datasheet.