Contract Manufacturing Services

Source: KMC Systems
Contract Manufacturing Services

KMC Systems offers decades of experience in manufacturing high-value, complex platforms for use in the clinical environment, including their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Quality Management Systems (QMS). KMC can partner with customers at any stage of the product’s life cycle, from development to pilot production or full-scale manufacturing, and assume all responsibility for medical contract manufacturing needs.

The KMC Systems manufacturing team comprises manufacturing engineers, skilled assemblers, supply chain professionals, and experienced line managers. Available on-site chemistry capabilities are staffed by medical technologists for full system acceptance testing.

The KMC Total Product Life-Cycle Management (TPLM) approach to engineering and manufacturing excellence continues a partnership long after a product’s introduction to the marketplace. In order to ensure the highest quality for each medical instrument, KMC provides a variety of sustaining engineering services including value engineering, regulatory compliance, spare parts programs, field service engineer training, obsolescence management, and repair services.

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