News | July 22, 2008

Creators Of Revolutionary Acne Device Introduce New Zeno Mini


Houston, TX - Tyrell, Inc. recently introduced Zeno Mini, the newest generation of the innovative hand-held medical device used in the treatment of individual acne pimples.

The first FDA-approved device of its kind, Zeno has revolutionized the over-the-counter acne treatment industry by offering a quick, safe and effective means of making blemishes disappear. Zeno Mini joins three Zeno devices already on the market: Zeno® Classic, Zeno® PRO and Zeno® MD (available only through partner physicians).

"We are thrilled to add Zeno Mini to our product line," said Walter Klemp, president and CEO of Tyrell, Inc. "This device is introduced with the consumer in mind. Its portability and replaceable batteries make it a must have for customers who emphasize convenience when choosing their skin care products."

All products in the Zeno family harness one of the fundamental principles of medicine-using heat to treat bacteria. Tyrell's proprietary ClearPoint technology is imbedded in a replaceable treatment tip that heats up to 118.5 degrees F for two-and-a-half minutes and is applied directly to an individual acne pimple. This application generates a heat shock response in the P. acnes bacteria, the form of bacterium that causes most acne outbreaks, thereby killing the bacteria without damaging the skin. In an FDA-reviewed clinical trial, 96 percent of pimples treated demonstrated improvement or resolution within 24-48 hours.

Zeno Mini is available in white, black and blue. The full Zeno product line, available anywhere acne products are sold, now includes Zeno Mini, a 45-treatment count device priced at $89, Zeno Classic, a 60-treatment count device priced at $129, and Zeno PRO, a 90-treatment count device with carrying case priced at $159.

SOURCE: Tyrell, Inc.