Digital Differential Pressure Sensors: HTD Series

Source: First Sensor AG
Digital Differential Pressure Sensors: HTD Series

First Sensor offers the HTD series of piezoresistive differential pressure sensors for use in low pressure ranges and demanding space constrictions. These high-performance, high-accuracy sensors allow for flexible direct manifold assemblies. A digital SPI interface and analog voltage output provides the maximum flexibility for any type of application.

The HTD series feature pressure ranges from 1 mbar to 10 bar, a single 5 V or 3 V supply, and a maximum output current of 1 mA. Delivering a small footprint, a low profile, and RoHS compliance, these pressure sensors are ideal for a variety of medical and industrial applications, including use in sleep diagnostic equipment, nebulizers, HAVC, gas leak detection, and security systems.

Additional HTD Series features include:

  • Operating temperature range -25 – +85 °C
  • Total pressure accuracy down to max 0.5 %FS
  • Adjustable output resolution (up to 15 bits) versus sampling rate (up to 3.9 kHz)
  • I²C, 1-Wire, Alarm or PWM output on request
  • Quality Management System according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001

Download the HTD Series datasheet for more in-depth information, or check out the video below.