Disposable Connectors

Source: Smiths Interconnect

Disposable Connectors

Smiths Connectors disposable connectors are designed to meet customer’s ergonomic requirements and reduce total system cost.  These disposable medical connectors are a great lower cost option that offers active mating contacts on reusable side that maintains reliability. 

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This group of disposable connectors uses superior edge card, spring probe, and Hypertac® hyperboloid technologies.

Disposable medical connectors offer key design features Including:

  • Reusable connector mates to a variety of disposable contact types
  • Electronics may be incorporated into either disposable or reusable connector
  • Minimized tooling costs by using existing connector housings
  • Custom cable assemblies can be incorporated as part of interconnect system
  • Can be designed to fit catheter handle styles 

For more product features and specifications, download the datasheet.