News | June 25, 2019

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies Announces FDA Clearance Of eon FR, Non-Contact Body Sculpting

eon FR is body shaping technology that delivers non-contact, laser energy to reduce fat in the abdomen.

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. recently announced that it has received FDA clearance for its body contouring product, eon FR, which is a non-contact medical device that reduces fat. The laser energy is delivered using a patent-pending powered articulated arm. eon FR is capable of comfortably reducing fat over a larger surface area than its competitors, which is highly desired by both physicians and patients.

"I am very pleased that eon FR has received its FDA clearance demonstrating the safety and efficacy of our non-contact, medical device,” says Janet Campbell, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. "Clearance was secured thanks to our world-class team of laser engineers, scientists, physicist and our incredibly talented scientific advisers who contributed to the study of eon FR.” Ms. Campbell says, “I wish to recognize three physicians who led the clinical study on eon FR: Dr. Thomas Fiala in Orlando, Dr. Jill Waibel in Miami and Dr. Suzanne Kilmer in Sacramento. All three are members of Dominion’s Scientific Advisory Committee.”

eon FR causes the death of fat cells through apoptosis. The apoptotic process takes from six to 12 weeks, and after the eon FR body contouring treatment, the body naturally eliminates fat cells through its lymphatic system. The eon FR treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform with no downtime. “The clever engineering of eon FR might well make it the ‘next big thing’ for non-invasive body contouring,” says Dr. Thomas Fiala, owner of Fiala Aesthetics. “The treatment head simultaneously delivers chilled air to keep our patients comfortable, while the diode laser provides reliable deep heating of the fat for effective apoptosis.”

About Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. (Dominion)
Founded in 2016, Dominion is a laser-based medical device company. The company’s headquarters is in San Antonio, TX, with technical offices in Orlando, FL. Dominion created eon FR, a platform technology, to offer the best tools with innovation to serve the physicians’ practices and the patients’ needs.

Source: Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.