Drug Delivery Platforms For Enhanced Patient Care

drug delivery

DSM Biomedical is a global leader in biomedical materials science with experience in creating advanced drug delivery technologies. Their proprietary bioresorbable polymers provide the foundation that enables biopharmaceutical companies to formulate implantable drug delivery systems for specific applications. This technology assists in the creation of platforms for medication delivery to precise target areas in the body, with controlled release from several days to multiple months.

These drug delivery systems incorporate polyesteramide (PEA) biodegradable polymers and are safe and well suited for use in the body. They are biocompatible and exhibit extremely low inflammatory response. These drug delivery platforms also provide sustained solutions to many biopharmaceutical agents, including drug-eluting stents for interventional cardiology, pain management, ophthalmology, and infection control.

For additional information on these drug delivery platforms, download the available brochures.

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