ENFit Connection System: Monoject™ And Kangaroo™ Pharmacy Solutions For Enteral Feeding

ENFit Connection System

ISO CD 80369-3 was created to define a safe design for an enteral feeding connector. Cardinal Health has helped to develop the ENFit Connection System. This includes a full line of bulk, non-sterile Monoject Purple Oral Syringes featuring the new ENFit connector and a transition connector that allows users to connect to feeding tubes and extension sets with the older design until all components have converted to the new ENFit design.

The new ENFit connector provides a simple way to reduce the risk of enteral tube feeding misconnections and improve patient safety. The ENFit connector:

  • Addresses “patient side” connections between feeding tubes, administration sets, medication, flush and bolus feeding syringes, and other enteral devices
  • Passes a rigorous validation process including computer aided design (CAD), human factors, and usability testing as part of the pathway to ISO standards

The new ENFit connector has a unique enteral-specific design that:

  • Does not allow connectivity with any other connector for any other clinical use
  • Provides a locking feature that signals the appropriate connection and stays in place
  • Has a female connector end for any administration sets and syringes that fit into a male patient-access feeding tube port

For more information on the new standard in enteral feeding connections download the datasheet, or visit

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