Etched Mica Heaters

Source: Heatron, Inc.

Etched Mica Heaters

Heatron’s etched mica heaters are designed with tight traces and high watt density for greater control in applications with larger dimensions in an operating temperature range of -150°C to 500°C. Additional features include high rigidity, minimal out-gassing after first power up, and mounting holes for even application of heat.

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The etched mica heaters are composed of etched foil tracing bonded between thin sheets of mica, making them highly tolerant of heat. The heaters are able to hold a steady heat to 500°C or 800°C intermittently, and like all etched heaters, offer high watt density and distributed wattage for minimal edge loss. Heatron also makes available the in-house assembly of leads and attachments, as well as zoned wattage, dual voltage, and integrated sensors.

Additional features include:

  • Maximum voltage: 500 Volts
  • Standard Length/Width Tolerance: <12" ±0.060"; >12", ±0.125"
  • Nominal Thickness (<240V): 0.0762 cm, 0.030 in.
  • Maximum Dimensions: 55.88 cm x 55.88 cm, Up to 22 in. x 22 in.
  • Resistance Tolerance: ±10%
  • RoHS Compliant

For more features and specifications on the etched mica heaters, download the datasheet.

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