Company Profile | March 9, 2001

Feinfocus Usa, Inc.

Source: Feinfocus Usa, Inc.
Feinfocus Usa, Inc. Feinfocus - That is the pioneer of microfocus X-ray technique who introduced the world's first system with punctiform source in the early 1980's. As technology leader on all fields of high resolution X-ray microscopy (2D, µ-3D, CT, fully automated systems) feinfocus is the competent partner for problem solutions of leading industries.

  • More than 1,000 X-ray systems installed worldwide
  • Continuous research and development
  • Inexpensive, safe, and reliable inspection capabilities with minimal downtime
  • Easy maintenance supported by a modular design
  • A worldwide network of authorized service centers

Feinfocus offers a comprehensive range of high resolution X-ray systems for a variety of applications from non-destructive realtime inspection with the highest magnifications, stand-alone X-ray sources, fully automated in-line inspection systems, 2D projections and tomographic µ-3D visualisations, all requirements can be fulfilled.

The international feinfocus application centers are consistently faced with new inspection demands from the latest product developments of leading industries. These new technical demands ensure that feinfocus continuously develops products which are at the leading edge of high resolution X-ray technology. Since its foundation in 1982 feinfocus has continuously created new applications in areas requiring high resolution and high magnification such as electronics, aerospace, automobile, medical inspection and scientific research.