FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometers

FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometers

Cardinal Health’s FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometer product family uses the most accurate predictive thermometer technology on the market. These thermometers are designed to make fast body temperature readings through the use of the mouth (oral), anus (rectal), and armpit (axillary). Developers can also integrate FILAC™ technology into multi-parameter units, and are therefore provided with the necessary mechanical models, drawings, communication protocols, interface documentation, and component samples for meeting the demands of the market.

With a patented isolation chamber design, color coded probes and probe cords, and ACCUSYSTEM™ single use probe covers, these thermometers minimize the risk of cross contamination and enhance infection control measures. The FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometers will stand upright on a flat surface, and rubber side grips make it easier to hold. Each unit has an icon based interface with a backlit LCD display that makes it simple to read.

The FILAC™ 3000 Electronic Thermometers are available in EZ and AD models, and come with additional options of oral and rectal probes, chambers, probe covers, and other accessories. The AD model includes advanced operating features and pulse timer capability.

Cardinal Health also offers the FILAC™ 3000 OEM thermometry option for multi-parameter devices. The FILAC™ 3000 OEM thermometry offerings are RoHS compliant, meet IPC 610 standards, and are manufactured in FDA regulated / ISO 13485 registered facilities.

For more in-depth features, specifications, and product information on the FILAC™ 3000 EZ and AD Electronic Thermometers, download the corresponding brochure above. Download the OEM thermometry brochure for more on the technology available for multi-parameter devices.

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