News | February 5, 2019

Fischer Connectors Reveals Two New Partnerships For Reimagining Connectivity

Fischer Connectors, the global provider of ultra-reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions, will be showcasing two partnerships in booth #1658 at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA, February 5-7, 2019. Each partnership is developing unique connectivity solutions for medical and industrial users, pushing the envelope of what engineers can deliver to their companies and their end users.

A partnership for mobile communications & IoT applications

Fischer Connectors and Wearable Technologies Ltd. (WTL) are reimagining connectivity together, showcasing WTL’s connected smart worker platform that uses the Fischer Freedom™ Series in smart garments for industrial workers. These garments have an array of sensors and devices that enable real-time monitoring and data analysis of multiple workers’ health, wellbeing, and exposure to potential hazards and dangers, such as noise, gas, vibration, proximity, plus biometrics sensors, as well as radios, GPS, etc. They are not only perfect for industrial environments, but the concept and implementation transfers well to the medical industry, where anyone from healthcare professionals to personal caregivers and even patients themselves can benefit.

The uniqueness of Wearable Technologies Ltd’s smart worker platform is their dashboard which provides real-time, historic and predictive analytics data from a multitude of applications for a specified workforce in the field.

The WTL’s vest will be on display at Fischer Connectors’ booth at MD&M West.

The recent winner of two technology innovation awards (LEAP Award and Innovators Award), the
Fischer Freedom™ Series connectivity solution plays a key role in the WTL platform, as its Freedom connectors are directly integrated into a wide range of small and cost-effective portable and body-worn sensor devices that can be plugged directly on the worker’s garment.

A partnership for exoskeletons introduces a new version of TWIICE

Fischer Connectors also provides its connectivity solutions to TWIICE, the wearable, robotic exoskeleton engineered by the Laboratory of Robotic Systems (LSRO) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again. “We’re proud to have been working with EPFL and the TWIICE research team for the past three years now on exoskeleton development,” says Jonathan Brossard, Fischer Connectors Group’s CEO. “This project is particularly important to us because it can improve people’s day-to-day lives. It also shows how we are able to conceive new applications for connectors and develop systems jointly with our customers that can enhance the quality of life of thousands of individuals.”

The EPFL Research Team recently released a second version of their TWIICE exoskeleton

The heartwarming video feature tells the inspiring story of Silke Pan – a former acrobat who lost the use of her legs after a trapeze accident – as she arrives at the lab in a wheelchair. Using her considerable arm strength, she lifts herself out of the wheelchair and into a small stool, but on which sits a device consisting of two “legs” finely crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum. She carefully places one leg, then the other, inside the device, closes the Velcro fasteners around her feet, locks the fasteners around her thighs and straps the battery pack onto her back. With the help of crutches that provide stability and house the controls for the device, she pulls herself up to her feet. Then, thanks to the device – the latest version of the TWIICE exoskeleton – she starts to walk.

We’re on an adventure with our customers to reimagine connectivity that will shape the future.

The partnerships showcased in Anaheim underscore how Fischer Connectors has expanded beyond their reputation as one of the few manufacturers of highly-reliable rugged connectors into an in-demand partner for developing innovative products, regardless of industry. Alain Lafourcade, President of Fischer Connectors USA, says he is pleased to present these partnerships at MD&M West. “Our partnerships are a reflection of our corporate values of innovation and excellence. We are proud to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing connectivity solutions that change how people build and use devices. We look forward to continuing this innovative approach with our customers throughout North America.”

Source: Fischer Connectors